Casio Edifice ECB800DB-1A is motorsport-inspired but can it keep up?

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Casio produces a bunch of lines of watches, all aimed at different segments of the market. The Edifice line is Casio’s mens line, aimed at mid-range, activity and vibe-inspired looks. They’re typically not too pricey, feature stylistic flairs, and add in a bit of new technology. The creatively named ECB800DB-1A is a motosport inspired design, with looks that stand out with race-inspired design.

The watch is big and bold – the chunky chromed pushes stick out a bit, and in wearing the watch you’re certainly making a statement. There appears to be a white LED behind the LCD, and a white LED shining brightly onto the analog face of the watch. The lighting works, but there’s a ton of glare. The metal bracelet.. shiny, and hollow.

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